We go well beyond classic butter cream and fudge fillings when it comes to our cakes. Order one of our Cassata cakes with Cannoli filling and Cannoli butter cream. If you’re a fan of fruit, try our strawberry shortcake topped with giant fresh strawberries. Craving chocolate? Our famous Oreo cake has two layers of devil’s food cake and one yellow cake all filled with a vanilla/Oreo butter cream.

Chocolate Cassata Cake

This indulgent creation has devil’s food cake and cannoli filling. It is covered with chocolate butter cream, chocolate crumbs and silk ganache.

Chocolate Bomber Cake

Combine creamy custard and fresh strawberries stuffed inside of layers of devil’s food cake. Wrap it all up with whipped cream, chocolate cake crumbs and a fresh strawberry on top.

Strawberry Shortcake/Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

This delicate classic cake always aims to please. Our strawberry shortcake comes in both original and chocolate. Fresh fruit and whipped cream perfectly layered between either yellow or chocolate cake.

Oreo Cake

Our famous Oreo cake has two layers of devil’s food cake and one layer of yellow cake. The two delicious fillings are vanilla butter cream mixed with Oreos and chocolate butter cream, with more Oreos! Frost it all up with butter cream and topped with whole Oreos!

Philly Fluff

A delicious loaf cake full of tangy cream cheese. The Philly Fluff comes in both chocolate with chocolate drizzle and original with powdered sugar.

Roman Apple Cake

Have the fresh picked apple taste combined with moist cake all topped with a delicious crumb topping and powdered sugar.

Tiramisu Cake

Our special tiramisu cake contains yellow cake soaked with coffee then filled with mascarpone. Lady fingers are stacked neatly up the sides of the cake and all topped off with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Vanilla Bommer Cake

Traditional yellow cake gets updated with creamy custard and layers of fresh strawberries and bananas. Wrapped in a blanket of whipped cream and white cake crumbs the stand out is a bright red fresh strawberry on top.

Vanilla Cassata Cake

Like it’s chocolate counterpart, the Vanilla Cassata is iced with cannoli butter cream. This yummy version featured yellow cake and is generously coated in slivered almonds for that perfect crunch.

Carrot Cake

Our Carrot cake should not be missed. This moist cake is filled and topped with cream cheese frosting, and coated with carrot cake crumbs on the outside (Nut Free).

Red Velvet Cake

The delicious Red Velvet cake is filled with cream cheese as well as iced with it. Our colorful buttercream boarder adds a decorative touch and the red velvet crumbs on the outside brings it all together.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Bake The Old Fashion Way
  • Over 30 Years Of Experience
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