Our various flakey and filled to perfection pastries help kick off a delicious day or ease a sweet craving. Classics like the éclairs are delicately enrobed in chocolate and even come in mini. Treat yourself to a more affordable version of a lobster tail, this one filled with the perfect amount of creamy custard.


Whether you want one cannolo or a box full of cannoli, each is filled to order. Each crunchy shell is full end to end with our creamy filling in both our mini and regular sized. We also offer a giant cannoli for parties!

Chocolate Dip Cannoli

If traditional cannoli isn’t special enough, try our chocolate dipped shells!

Lobster Tails

These crispy pastries hide a succulent custard or cannoli filling within their classic ‘tail’ shape.

Rum Baba

Want to indulge in a sweet and a drink at the same time? These delicious little cakes are soaked in rum and topped with whipped cream. Don’t want a whole one? We carry mini Rum Baba too!


These delicate shells will bring you to another place with the flakey pastry and delicious fillings.


A light and fluffy vessel to carry the perfectly smooth custard makes Éclairs one of our popular pastries. Topped with chocolate or in miniature, our éclairs shouldn’t be missed.

Whipped Cream/Pudding Cups

Feel like a kid again and snag one of these delicious cups. Whether you like whipped cream or chocolate pudding, these adorable treats will fit perfectly in your hand and satisfy any childhood craving.

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