Covered in chocolate, sandwiched with fruit preserves or drowned in nuts, our customers can’t get enough of our wide variety of classic Italian cookies. Sink your teeth into the classically shaped shell cookies dipped perfectly into shiny chocolate. If you’re more savory dive into our Pignoli cookies, covered with just the right amount to add nutty flavor to our sweet cookie. Don’t worry if you can’t eat sugar, we offer sugar free varieties sweetened with sorbitol.

Italian Biscotti

Our Italian biscotti cookies take on a traditional biscotti shape, which makes them a perfect dunking match for a great cup of coffee.

Pignoli Cookies

This traditional Italian cookie is a must in any cookie tray. The simple base cookie is brought together with the nutty addition of toasted pignoli nuts.

Rainbow Cookies

This colorful favorite brightens any day. A layer of delicious jam separates the three traditional layers. All are coated with a smooth chocolate, bringing it all together.

Giant Cookies

We have a wide variety of giant cookies available daily. Whether you are looking for a simple sugar cookie or perhaps one with Spider Man’s face, we have what you’re craving.

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